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From: AnnaBelle Echo, Science Reporter for the Echo Report
Subject: Oort Cloud TOP SECRET Communication
Date: Tuesday December 24th 2013 23:42:56 +0000
From the Oort Cloud Communications Center: this just in...

Our Global Positioning Satellite is following an Over-the-horizon transmission of what we believe is a highly classified telecommunication or surveillance that relies on ionospheric reflection at radio frequencies below about 30-MHz (10-meter wavelength). The radio-wave absorption depends on the electron density, and is strongest around Midnight. The absorption can increase to the point of radio blackout during sporadic ionization enhancements associated with solar-flare X-rays and with energetic protons that precipitate into the high-latitude upper atmosphere. This is a TOP SECRET Transmission from NASA, NOAA, fatgirls rio baton and the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization. SETI, ECHELON and other interested parties believe that signal originated in the Oort Cloud Galaxy. This Highly Classified Flash Footage is only a brief segment of the deciphered message. The video is quite fuzzy but it is speculated to be an extraterrestrial being traveling through Earth's high-latitude upper atmosphere.
Love to you all from... Annabelle Echo
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