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Our Fearless Leader's Resume

Annabelle Echo

Columbia College Chicago

Delicately Seasoned Professional with 5 years of Computer Graphics experience.
Familiar with a variety of Illustration, Imaging, Publishing and Animation software.
Creator of fatgirls rio baton, soon to be an Industry Leader
in imaginative and innovative illustration, cartooning and animation.
Together with her Star Studded Galaxy of Imaginary Friends, including
Faxy, the evil Wizard Guy, the Squash Goblin, Catnip and the
Hopscotch Hampersmell Gang *,
she is a veteran of an astonishing array of stellar art exhibitions.
Also, as a software tutor, teacher and facilitator at
Columbia College Chicago, she shares her skills with others.

*all characters and their names are the property and creation of fatgirls rio baton and
Annabelle Echo Any unauthorized use or appropriation without the expressed consent
and permission of fatgirls rio baton and Annabelle Echo will be prosecuted

Intersteller Planetary Skills
and Spaceship Mechanics

Hardware: IBM, IBM clones, Mac and Mac clones

Software: Photoshop,Illustrator, Freehand, Painter,
Pagemaker,Powerpoint, Premiere, AfterEffects.

"The True Legend of Willie Scope" published in

Columbia College Film Magazine Spring '91


  • Independent Contractor for the fatgirls rio baton Consulting Group
    during the late '80's and early '90's with responsibility for the Continuity &
    Script Supervision on several independently financed feature and short films including
    Chains, Science Swap Shop, David & Michael on the Beach,
    The Mangler and Subterranean Passage.

  • Faculty Member for the Academic Computing Department,
    Columbia College Chicago,
    with responsibilities including Software Tutoring, assisting students and teachers
    with Information Technology, Data & Word processing and Internet questions,
    Computer Graphics Instruction, Registration Counseling
    and setting up onsite Gallery Shows.

  • Computer Lab Facilitator for the English Department,
    Columbia College Chicago
    responsible for overseeing and general maintenance of 4 computer labs.
    Other duties include assisting students and teachers with information technology,
    data & word processing and internet questions.


Bachelor of Arts, Columbia College Chicago, 1995
Self-Designed Major
600 So. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60605

Outstanding Student Award, 1995
Columbia College Chicago


Pixel Stew

Now That There is Life on Mars, Will Anything Change?,
a Women in the Arts Juried Exhibition


Part-time Faculty Exhibition, 1997