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Transmission to Follow Immediately...

As many of you already know, fatgirls rio baton
recently welcomed a new member:
The very lovable yet sticky Pink Bubblegum Monster.
Little is known about the origins of our
dangerously agglutinated new friend...
although rumors have been floating around
that he is from the Oort Cloud Galaxy.
Those of you familiar with Coordinate Remote Viewing
can access the target location, 200,000 light years from Earth
at  x340, y79, x420, y170 or at x243, y460, x266, y486
or just click on the Pink Monster's snapshot
on the right of your screen.

God Speed and Welcome Again, Pink Bubble Gum Monster!
You have journeyed far my friend!


Annabelle Echo

©1999 fatgirls rio baton
©2000 Annabelle Echo